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Kaolin is a naturally occurring clay mineral whose main component of kaolin is the mineral kaolinite. It is also sometimes known as china clay or white clay. It is mined in China, Europe and US. Pure kaolinite is bright white and is thought to have been used as one of the first clays used to make pottery by our ancestors.

It is one of the gentlest and least absorbent clays. This clay has proven itself to be useful for every part of our evolution. We still use it in pottery, health, and beauty but it’s even found its way into the paper industry.

In the beauty industry, Kaolin clay has the following benefits;

  1. Reduces oily skin – make a paste with Terra Naturals kaolin clay + water , apply on you face and it will soak up excess oils/sebum on the skin and within the pores.
  2. Purifies pores & detoxes skin – kaolin clay sucks out impurities such as grime, dirt, pollution and germs from the pores. This cleanses out the pores and prevents them from clogging up and causing breakouts.
  3. Cleanses skin – Terra Naturals Kaolin clay can be used as a daily facial cleanser. It is gentle and can be used in place of harsh facial cleansers.
  4. Soothes sensitive skin – Being the mildest of all clays, Terra Naturals kaolin clay soothes sensitive irritable skin and skin prone to breakouts, rashes and redness.
  5. Treats acne – Kaolin clay treats acne effectively. Terra Naturals Activated charcoal + Kaolin Clay mask can used weekly to treat and prevent acne breakouts.
  6. Natural hair shampoo – Kaolin clay sucks out dirt, oils and other impurities thus it acts as a good natural shampoo. Mix it with water and apply on hair, scrub, leave it to dry then rinse it off for an extra clean scalp feel.
  7. Used in natural deodorant – kaolin clay soaks up sweat and oils from the underarms and neutralizes bad body odor. It also pulls out toxins from deep to keep your underarms clean and fresh all day.
  8. Exfoliates dead cells – Terra Naturals kaolin clay makes a great gentle exfoliant. It scrubs off dead cells and flaky skin to keep the skin looking smooth and soft.
  9. Used by dentists to clean teeth – Kaolin clay is used in to give a cleansing effect, drives out toxins and scrapes off plaque and tartar from teeth.

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